How Did We Get Here: Hollywood Studios

By: Amy Kawa

I find myself asking that question a lot when walking around the Disney Parks.  Even as a youngster, only in my 20s, I can walk past several attractions and remember the ones that once stood in their place.  Some of these attractions I miss dearly, others were easier to let go, and still others I wish I knew were going to close before they did so I could experience them one last time.

As the dubbed “Disney addict” of essentially every group I’m in, I tend to get the question, “Hey, what year did the Tower of Terror open?” or “What ride was here before Toy Story Mania, again?”  So, I decided to sift through a few books and websites to compile a timeline of Hollywood Studios.  You will find some conflicting dates for some attractions in various sources, so I tried to go with the majority.  This list will constantly be evolving as the “new” Hollywood Studios begins to take shape!

Over time, we will expand upon some of our favorite attractions of old, but for now, let us know in the comments which of these attractions you miss most!

Click here for the Hollywood Studios timeline.



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