35 Things to Love on Epcot’s 35th Anniversary

By: Amy Kawa

In honor of Epcot’s 35th anniversary celebration today, here are 35 random things I love about Disney World’s second theme park.

  1.  The themes of innovation and world unity are seemingly unrelated but still fit so perfectly inside one theme park.
  2. Spaceship Earth is really really cool – there is an actual attraction in there!
  3. The monorail ride into the park takes you on a tour high in the sky, explaining the different pavilions of Future World.
  4. The FOOD – Sunshine Seasons, Coral Reef, and everywhere around World Showcase – there is literally nothing you can’t find to eat!
  5. Figment – Epcot’s unofficial “mascot” is zany, adorable, and represents all that is good.
  6. Test Track – who wouldn’t want to virtually design their own car and then try it out on a SIM track?
  7. The smell of the Land pavilion – Ever since I was little, walking through the doors of the Land brings a very nostalgic, wonderful smell of air conditioning, delicious food, and the water from Living with the Land.  May not sound so great, but IT IS!
  8. Soarin’ – Flying over every major landmark in the world.  Done.
  9. Checking out the fish (especially the dolphins) in the Seas with Nemo and Friends
  10. Watching Crush talk to some “human dudes” in Turtle Talk with Crush
  11. The background music at the park’s entrance – nothing makes you feel like you’re in Epcot more.
  12. Mouse Gear – the best store ever!
  13. Meeting Baymax – Ba-la-la-la-la
  14. Meeting Joy and Sadness – riding the emotional roller coaster of Inside Out
  15. Watching the Fountain of Nations dance
  16. Entering Epcot from the International Gateway between France and the U.K.
  17. Walking around World Showcase before it opens to the park
  18. Starting your tour around World Showcase in Canada
  19. Going into all of the adorable shops in the U.K.
  20. Stopping at Les Halles for some delicious French desserts
  21. Exploring the beautiful architecture of the Moroccan pavilion
  22. Listening to the Matsuriza Drummers in Japan
  23. Listening to the Voices of Liberty – one of the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear
  24. Watching The American Adventure – “America, spread your golden wings.  Soar on freedom’s wind…”
  25. Eating authentic Napoleon pizza at Via Napoli
  26. Looking at the beautiful town square in the Germany pavilion
  27. Smelling the sweet smells and buying caramel goodies at Karamel Kuche
  28. Saying hi to Elsa and Anna on Frozen Ever After
  29. Experiencing twilight inside the pyramid of the Mexico pavilion
  30. Finding “DONALD!” on the Gran Fiesta Tour with Panchito and Jose Carioca
  31. Watching Illuminations while eating some delicious desserts
  32. Seeing the countries light up during the crescendo of Illuminations
  33. Listening to “We Go On” as you leave Epcot for the night
  34. Seeing Spaceship Earth lit up in purples and oranges at night
  35. The light-up sidewalks outside Innoventions

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