Disney Parks and Resorts – Siemens Partnership Ended Today

By: Amy Kawa

It was reported back in the summer that Siemens would not be renewing their long-standing partnership with Disney Parks and Resorts.  Today, the partnership between the two companies officially came to an end.  Siemens is best known in the Disney universe as the sponsor of Spaceship Earth and Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

Illuminations is the longest running nighttime spectacular in the Disney Parks, and many thought it was due for an upgrade or something new completely.  Without a presenting sponsor, however, the future of the show and any changes to it are more up in the air than ever.  Spaceship Earth has gone through many facelifts in its 35-year history, but without a sponsor, it is unclear when it will get a new one.

All of the Future World pavilions, with the exception of Test Track, have now lost their sponsors.  When Epcot first opened, Kodak, GM, Nestle, and several other big companies were sponsors of pavilions.  Siemens joins the lengthy list of corporate sponsors to cut ties with their Epcot pavilions since 1982.

What will the future hold in the phases of the Epcot transformation over the next 5 years?  Only time will tell for us passengers on this “grand and miraculous spaceship.”

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