Post-Disney Depression is For Real

By: Amy Kawa


So, the moment finally comes.  Months of planning, dining reservations, making Fastpass+ decisions, and customizing Magic Bands have finally paid off and you are leaving for your Disney vacation!  Then, in what seems like the literal blink of an eye, all of the planning is over and you are back to reality – outside the Disney bubble.

That’s when the Post-Disney Depression (or PDD, as we call it) sets in. Here are the common symptoms:

  1. A sad, depressed feeling that you just can’t shake
  2. A tendency to think, “Where was I a week ago today?”
  3. The short-tempered nature you get when “non-Disney” people ask, “How was your trip?” and they aren’t prepared for at least a 90-minute long conversation
  4. You get teary-eyed every time you hear a Disney song or watch a Disney movie
  5. A disbelief in time in general because how can it move so fast when you are in Disney but so slow when you are not?
  6. You realize the cynical nature of most people and things in the world that don’t have Disney magic
  7. The sad realization that you are no longer in a place where only happy endings happen and you see dreams come true every day
  8. All you want to talk about is Disney-related properties
  9. Constantly dreaming until the next time you can be in your happy place again

While PDD can leave its mark for a long long time, there are ways to deal with this problem.  Here are some common remedies that will help you get over the post-Disney hump:

  1. Watch your favorite Disney movie and/or listen to your favorite Disney soundtrack
  2. Listen to some Disney Parks music, like on Sorcerer Radio. You’d be surprised at how listening to the Epcot entrance music or to your favorite queue’s soundtrack can transport you right to that spot… well, mentally anyway.
  3. Talk about your trip with both people who were there with you and/or interested third parties
  4. Look through pictures from your trip and create a photo album or scrapbook to help keep the memories alive
  5. Sort out all of your souvenirs and wear any clothing you bought from the trip
  6. Re-create some of your favorite Disney food by making them at home with some Disney Parks recipes, like these from D23.
  7. Read a Disney book – guidebook, biography, park history – there are literally hundreds of options to choose from!

These remedies are all great options, but the only true cure to PDD is to start planning your next Disney vacation!  The day you choose your travel dates and book your stay at a Disney resort is the day PDD truly subsides and the joy of planning your vacation takes over.  The Lion King really did get it right, like everything else, PDD is cyclical, just like in “The Circle of Life.”


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