Dining with the Dreamers: Satu’li Canteen

By: Amy Kawa

There are very few things that bring us more joy than Disney food.  I mean, who doesn’t love Dole Whips, Mickey Bars, PB&J milkshakes, and Disney popcorn?  We have been all over the map when it comes to food options in the parks, resorts, and Disney Springs- table service, character dining, quick service, signature dining, snack carts – you name it. As we begin to craft our reviews of the places where we’ve enjoyed some delicious Disney delicacies, we’ll give you our opinions on the atmosphere, service, and quality of the food we ordered.

We know that every Disney dining experience may be different, so please let us know if you’ve eaten at these places, and tell us your experience!


Satu’li Canteen

Location: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park – Pandora

Reservation Info: This is a quick service restaurant for both lunch and dinner, so no reservations are accepted.

Meal, Time, Party Size: Lunch; 1:30 p.m.; 2

Crowd Level: We went to Satu’li Canteen during the usual “lunch rush.”  The restaurant was fairly busy, but given the size of the seating area both inside and outside of the restaurant, it never felt overwhelming.  The ordering area also moved quickly.

Atmosphere: Modeled after a mess hall, the Canteen mixes elements of the human world of Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) with the culture and design of the Na’vi.  The ordering area is very mechanical, with the feeling of being in a laboratory or a some kind of futuristic institute.  This ordering area is a stark contrast to the actual dining areas, which look like you stepped outside into a type of Na’vi hut.  The natural-like lighting, weaved branching, and stone carvings make it feel like you have indeed become one of the Na’vi.

To the Menu: Like all true Disney food enthusiasts, we scour menus before we make reservations, so we have a pretty good idea of what we are going to order before we even get to the restaurant.  In this case, members of our party ordered:

  1. Chopped Wood-Grilled Chicken Bowl (grilled chicken with a potato hash base and creamy herb sauce, topped with boba balls)… $11.49
    • Comments from diner 1: “The chicken was absolutely delicious!  I could’ve just eaten a bowl of that!  Next time, I would just skip the sauce.  I didn’t think it really added anything to the dish and made it a little too heavy.”
  2. Cheeseburger Steamed Pods – Bao Buns served with chips and cole slaw… $10.99
    • Comments from diner 2: “These little pillows from heaven were some of the best food I ate the whole trip!  The bun itself was so soft and fluffy, literally some of the best bread I have ever eaten.  But, let’s talk about that meat on the inside… how can meat taste like a cheeseburger with all of the fixings when all it is is meat?!  You can taste the ketchup, mustard, pickles, cheese, but you can’t see it.  It’s crazy and crazy delicious!”
    • Comments from diner 1: “I had to try these buns!  They looked so light and fluffy on the plate and tasted like a better version of a McDonald’s cheeseburger on the inside.  After I tried them, it’s safe to say on our next trip I’ll be grabbing these for our lunch and/or stop.  Even before my choice.”


Food MVP: The Cheeseburger Steamed Pods, but really the whole menu is an MVP

Overall Review: 10/10


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