2017-18 Disney Ad Campaign is on Point

By: Amy Kawa

Can we talk about the new Disney commercials that have been popping up lately because I have a lot of feelings about them…

Walt Disney World: The Power of Magic TV Spot

Walt Disney World: Whole New World TV Spot

Now, this is marketing at its finest.  Who didn’t shed a tear watching these?  These commercials hit on every sense of joy and nostalgia you feel when you step into a Disney park.  One of the things that makes Disney so very special lies in its ability to transport you to another world – to make you feel as though all of your dreams can come true.  When the commercial flashes the line, “The world tells you to grow up.  Here you never have to.”  Cue the tears.

Disney marketers obviously play a huge role in the Disney empire.  They have to evoke the feeling of magic and excitement for those who have never been to Disney Parks before and entice them to finally book that trip.  They also have to cater to the “returners” – the ones with Annual Passes or the annual family vacationers and make this group remember why they love the Disney Parks so dang much.

Disney has had its fair share of good advertising campaigns over the years – showing your Disney Side, visiting where the magic lives, discovering four parks in one world – but none have really touched me the way these commercials have.  I’m a sucker for a good montage, voice over, and soundtrack, so what else could I ask for?

Keep up the good work, Disney marketers!  Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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