Dreamers Secret Sundays: More Park Hours = More Fastpasses

By: Amy Kawa

In this newest series to the Dreams on Main Street lineup, we will provide a Disney insider secret each week that we feel will enhance your Disney vacation experience and/or the planning process leading up to your actual vacation.  Big or small, these secrets are things we have found extremely useful and use on each and every one of our vacations.  Some may be more “secret-y” and/or random than others, but I promise, they’re all true and valuable.

Dreamers Secret Sunday: As you may have heard, you can make your Fastpass+ plans up to 60 days in advance of your check-in day if you’re staying on property or up to 30 days prior if you are staying off property. (That’s not the secret).

Disney oftentimes extends park hours the closer you get to your vacation.  Implication: more fastpasses will open up during those extended hours (usually later into the night).  For example, I was trying to score a Flight of Passage fastpass for a particular day we wanted to be in the Animal Kingdom, but on the first day of our 60-day fastpass-booking window, there were none available. Boo!  For the time being, I made a dummy fastpass to serve as a placeholder.   About 30 days before our trip, I saw that Disney had extended the park hours for Animal Kingdom – from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. – opening up over an hour of Flight of Passage fastpasses.  Yay!

I then logged onto My Disney Experience and swapped out a Na’vi Rover Journey fastpass for a Flight of Passage fastpass at 7:40 p.m.!  Planning goals complete!


The extending of park hours late in the game can be a little stressful and put a little kink in the plans you’ve worked hard on, but overall, there’s just more park time, and when is that ever a bad thing?  You’ll see the park hours change most often, sometimes dramatically,  in Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom.  Epcot and Hollywood Studios are usually pretty solid from six months out.

Take advantage of the extra fastpass opportunities and score that Space Mountain one you couldn’t get 60 days out on your Magic Kingdom day or grab a fourth fastpass to ride Expedition Everest once you’re in the park. No matter what your Fastpass+ plans are, you can’t go wrong with more park time!

Plan on, Dreamers!

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