How to Become a Galactic Hero

By: Amy Kawa

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin has been my favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World since it debuted in 1998.  It combines all the things I love- Toy Story and a competitive game.  Unlike Toy Story Mania! where the score just keeps tallying up and up, Space Ranger Spin gives you the ability to max out at a score of 999,999, which beats the ride itself.  Challenge accepted!

On Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, you board a space cruiser, equipped with two guns and two scoreboards.  The guns shoot tiny red lasers when you press the trigger button on the top of the gun.  The vehicle also has a joystick that allows riders to spin their car to face certain targets.  You are setting your aim on targets with big “Z’s” on them.  Targets are worth different point values based on how far away they are, if they are moving, and other factors.  You score will be tracked on your vehicle’s scoreboard.

You are looking at a Galactic Hero too many times to count.  On my most recent trip to Walt Disney World, I went 3 for 3 in scoring 999,999, and no, the ride did not stop on any of those tries.  Here are my tips for how you can join the Galactic Hero Club:

General Tips:

  • Hold the button on your gun down for the entire ride.  It shoots about once per second, but much less if you release and push the trigger each time.  Holding down the button also guarantees you about 100 points per second, even if you don’t hit any targets.
  • The ride vehicles are two-person cars. Make sure you sit on the right side of the vehicle (enter the car second), as you’ll have access to more targets on that side of the ride.
  • Grab control of the joystick when you enter the vehicle, so you can put yourself in line with the targets you’re aiming for.
  • Pray the ride stops and hit some target.  Don’t come off of that Z and watch the points rack up until the ride starts again.
  • Aim for the big-payoff targets:buzz-lightyear-robot
    1. As you enter the first room, turn yourself towards the orange robot on your left.  You will see a Z on the inside of the robot’s left hand (most of the time, it is moving up and down but is sometimes stationary if you’re lucky).  Hit this target for 100,000.
    2. Turn your car around to hit the Z on the back of the orange robot’s hand for 25,000 points.
    3. As you leave this first room, turn your car around 180 degrees.  Cock your gun up towards the ceiling and aim for the Z on the claw-looking thing towards the ceiling.  Again worth 100,000 points.
    4. As you enter the second room, aim for either of the two Z’s on the volcano, magickingdomwhich are worth 25,000 points each.
    5. As you enter the next room and see Zurg himself, turn you car towards the right and aim at the Z on the bottom of the space cruiser he is sitting in.  Hit this Z for another 100,000 points.  Make sure to aim at it before you reach the cruiser and then spin around to get it after you pass the cruiser.  You can’t get the gun to aim directly downwards when you’re in front of Zurg.

Ride-Through Tips with Dreamer Amy:

  • Once your gun is first activated and before you enter the first room, aim your gun at the person’s head in front of you.  The tiny red laser to your gun can be very tough to pick out when there are dozens of other red lights also aiming for Z’s.  Starting on the back of someone’s head right in front of you and slightly raising your gun’s aim helps you find your laser a bit more easily.  I will also use a similar tactic if I am having trouble in the middle of the ride by aiming at a wall directly in front of me and again slightly moving my target to find my laser.
  • Keep your eyes in line with your actual gun.  Physically move your head down to the level just above your gun.  Every bit of aim helps.
  • My target progression is as follows:
    • First room: Inside of orange robot’s left hand (hit hopefully twice for 200,000); turn car around to hit the back of the same robot’s hand (hit hopefully once for 25,000). – leave first room without least 200,000.
    • Second room: Aim for volcano targets right away (hit 5-6 times at 25,000 each). Your sight line is blocked for a couple of seconds from the volcano, so aim for the venus fly trap-looking thing’s target on his eye in the meantime.  After the volcano targets are out of range and right as you are leaving the second room, you can quickly aim for the Z on the lid of an alien jack-in-the-box that opens and pops out if the timing is correct. – leave second room with around 500,000-600,000 total
    • Third room: Aim for the Z on the bottom of Zurg’s cruiser right away.  You could hit other targets as this Z won’t come into range immediately, but it is more important to try and get the line correct (hit hopefully 4 times for 400,000). – leave room either maxed out at 999,999 or somewhere above 950,000
    • Last room (picture room): If you have achieved Galactic Hero status, sit back and plan an amazing picture!  If you need to do some fast cleanup, just go through the progression of targets.  Start by aiming for the Z on the top right of Zurg’s spaceship thing, then go to the one directly below Zurg and the furthest one to the left.  There aren’t any high-value targets here, so you have to be pretty darn close to 999,999 before entering this last room to have a chance.
  • Remember to breathe!  When you start to get close, it can get exciting, but try and stay calm and focus on those high-value targets!

So, now you know the secrets to joining the exclusive Galactic Hero Club.  If you are successful, you can go to the photo station at the exit to the ride and ask the cast member what they have for becoming a Galactic Hero.  Sometimes, you might get a pin, a certificate, or a sticker to commemorate this special occasion.

Good luck, space rangers!  Do Star Command proud!

One comment

  1. This is fabulous advice, Amy! I might even pull this up on my phone when I’m in line in December just to brush up on your strategy!


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