“We Wants the Redhead”: Pirates Closing for Refurbishment in Early 2018

By: Amy Kawa

Pirates of the Caribbean will be closing for refurbishment on February 26, 2018, reopening to guests on March 19, 2018.  This isn’t your ordinary refurbishment, however.      One of the most classic scenes in any Disney attraction is being torn out because it has been deemed “offensive,” despite the fact the attraction has been in existence since 1973.

The scene in question being removed involves an auction for a bride, particularly a beautiful redhead amongst a crowd of less-fortunate looking women.  The auctioneer pirate says some less than flattering things about the women up for auction, again implying women can be bought and sold.

Apparently, not even the pirates are safe from our world’s scrutiny.  The current scene is being replaced with another auction, but one that involves the buying and selling of goods.

We know us Dreamers will always remember the redhead because “We wants” her!


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