Star Tours to be Divided into Two Paths

By: Adam F Manfredo

With the arrival of the new episode, Star wars: The Last Jedi,  Star Tours will see a switch similar as when The Force Awakens came out.  It will only feature segments that involve the most current trilogy, instead of the random sequences that can take you anywhere in the Star Wars universe.  After the the buzz of the The Last Jedi wears off, the attraction will switch to two separate ride experiences that you will have to choose a version to ride (Similar to Mission: Space). One version will feature the episodes 1-6, and the other will feature episodes 7 and 8 (Eventually episode 9, and who knows).

There is no set date on when there will be two separate experiences, but beginning November 17th, The Last Jedi version will be taking place in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort.

Keep dreaming here for more updates!




Source: WDWNT

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