Disney’s Magical Express Changes Guest Pick-Up Policy from Resorts

By: Amy Kawa

Disney announced today that their Magical Express transportation will begin picking up guests from their Disney resort hotel four hours prior to their scheduled flight departure time.  The current policy requires a three hour pick-up prior to a guest’s flight. The new policy will go into effect on Friday, November 17, 2018.

Disney claims the policy change is due to the new security procedures occurring at Orlando International Airport, which have greatly increased wait times and just the busier holiday flying season in general causing airports to be more crowded.

The new Magical Express policy will be re-evaluated after the new year to see if the extended pick-up time is still necessary.

Disney’s Magical Express is a transportation system owned and operated by Disney that takes guests from the Orlando International Airport to their resort hotel via a bus system.  Guests also have the option to check their bags at their home airport, marking them with a specific tag, so Disney cast members then pick up the bags at the Orlando Airport, allowing you to skip baggage claim entirely and just board a Magical Express bus.  Your bags will then “magically” appear in your resort room later that same day.  Upon your return from Disney, a Magical Express bus will then pick you up from your resort on the day of your departure and take you back to Orlando International Airport, again taking your checked bags ahead of time, so they will again “magically” appear at the baggage claim in your home airport.

The whole system is genius, and it is impressive that Disney continues to take steps to ensure the guest’s experience is as perfect as possible from the earliest possible moment to the last.

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