Secret Sundays: Eat in America

By: Amy Kawa

In this series on Dreams on Main Street, we will provide a Disney insider secret each week that we feel will enhance your Disney vacation experience and/or the planning process leading up to your actual vacation.  Big or small, these secrets are things we have found extremely useful and use on each and every one of our vacations.  Some may be more “secret-y” and/or random than others, but I promise, they’re all true and valuable.

Dreamers Secret Sunday: America really is a melting pot for all countries to come together.  So, eat at the Liberty Inn!

Choosing only one spot to eat in Epcot’s World Showcase can be very difficult!  You can literally find food from just about any country you can imagine.  So, why not let everyone get what they want and meet in the middle? The America Adventure plays “host” to all of the other nations in World Showcase, lays in the middle, and serves as the perfect meeting place for those who want to get tacos in Mexico or fish and chips in the UK.

Grab your favorite foods from any country and walk it over anywhere from 2-15 minutes to America’s quick service restaurant, Liberty Inn, where you can all eat together as a family with quite the selection of amazing food for everyone to try!  The Liberty Inn is rarely crowded, so there is ample seating and no one will give you any trouble for bringing in food from other countries because hey, they’re all owned by Disney, so the money is all going to the same place!  I mean, the sign literally says “Public Dining Room,” so come on in!


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Happy world traveling and happy eating!


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