Permits Galore! Epcot and Magic Kingdom Prepare for New Attractions

By: Amy Kawa

This week was a busy week in the world of permits at Walt Disney World.

Over at Epcot, Disney has filed permits for the Ratatouille attraction in the France Pavilion.  Somewhat surprisingly, it seems like most of the current pavilion will remain as is and the new show building will be built behind the current Impressions de France show building.  Essentially, a second entrance to the France pavilion will include new shops and restaurants.  Making way for this expansion will be the relocation of behind the scenes storage and cast member areas.


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Meanwhile, at the Magic Kingdom, Disney has also filed permits for the new Tron rollercoaster and Main Street Theater.  Both of these new additions will actually be located in Tomorrowland, geographically anyway, so only one permit was filed.  The Tron coaster (MK2) will be behind Space Mountain, more towards Fantasyland.  The Main Street Theater (MK1) will be southwest of the Carousel of Progress, closer to Main Street, and behind the old Galaxy Palace Theater.  The “Main Street” part of theater comes from the theater being accessible only on Main Street through an extension of background areas.


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The future sure is now as Walt Disney World ramps up for its 50th birthday!


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