Are In-Park Resorts the Next “Thing” in Walt Disney World?

By: Amy Kawa

The latest news in the Disney rumor mill is the potential of a new resort built at the entrance to Epcot or in-between the Land or the Seas pavilions in Future World West.  While the idea of in-park resorts is new to Walt Disney World, these types of resorts are utilized in Disneyland Paris and even Disneyland itself.

While the theme of the resort is unknown at this time, the obvious idea is to have an Epcot or futuristic theme, maybe even a play on an experimental prototype community of tomorrow – an almost miniature version of what Walt really wanted Epcot to be.

If the resort is built at the park’s entrance, every visitor to Epcot will have to walk under or through the hotel in some way, meaning the foot traffic around the resort would be astronomical, so the theming would have to be some of Disney’s best ever.  The resort itself would also have to serve as a framing device for Epcot’s icon- Spaceship Earth.

This newest rumor would go hand-in-hand with the complete overhaul currently going on in phases at Epcot, including a space-themed restaurant, a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster, and a Ratatouille-themed attraction, with more announcements slated to come in the years ahead before Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021.

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