Secret Sundays: Pass the Popcorn Please!

By: Amy Kawa

Who doesn’t love Disney popcorn? Just the scent of it makes you crave some as you walk through Frontierland in Magic Kingdom or down Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood Studios.  Well, Disney has made it easier and more affordable to dive head first into a bucket of this delicious, legendary Disney snack.

Recently, Disney has come out with popcorn buckets in each Disney park.  Each bucket features a design unique to the park you buy it in, costs $10, and is eligible for $1.50 refills for the length of your stay! Totally worth it for anyone who loves their Disney popcorn!  (The specialty flavored popcorn in Epcot and maple popcorn in Magic Kingdom are also eligible for the $1.50 refills).  It may be a little cumbersome to carry around the bucket in the parks, but it is quite the deal!  No matter what park you bought your bucket in, you’re able to have it refilled in any of the other three parks as well.

Now, as a side note, the $1.50 refills are only supposed to be available for the length of your stay.  However, many people have brought their popcorn buckets back on other trips to use. As long as the buckets’ designs remain the same, cast members cannot tell the difference between a newly bought bucket and one from a previous trip  So, make sure to be on the lookout for new designs.



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