Could Flower and Garden Be an All-Year Thing?

By: Amy Kawa

One of the latest rumors going around the Disney rumor mill revolves around Epcot’s expansion and refurbishment plans.  “Gardens of Wonder” will be placed in each pavilion, in Future World and World Showcase alike, as a sort of “welcome” to each pavilion.  In typical Disney fashion, each garden would be themed, featuring character topiaries and colors that coincide with the pavilion they represent.  For example, Anna and Elsa would welcome guests into Norway while Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez would zoom guests by Test Track.


This theory sounds extremely similar to what Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival currently is each Spring.  So, does that mean Flower and Garden becomes a thing of the past or do they add even more flowers to the annual event and leave only the topiaries and a few flowers our throughout the whole year?  And how does Disney plan to maintain these new grounds, as they hire more cast members during these festivals to care for the topiaries and extra flowers?

Personally, Flower and Garden is my favorite time of the year to visit Epcot.  The whole park seems to come to life in vibrant colors and “character.”  So, I would love to see this all year long, but want some more details as to the scale and scope guests should expect.  Knowing Disney, I have no doubt that if this rumor comes to fruition, it will be done with impeccable attention to detail, as they do all things.


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