New Details Emerge for Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster

By: Amy Kawa

A Guardians of the Galaxy coaster was announced at the D23 Expo this past year to replace Ellen’s Energy Adventure in the Universe of Energy pavilion at Epcot.  Besides a small backstory, little else was known about the project.  Until today…

Internal company documents have been uncovered that show several details about how the ride is situated.  Guests will enter a welcome area and actually take a ramp up to the queue, making it really seem like an exhibit of sorts.  The queue seems very complicated, taking guests upward to an elevated load platform.

There will be two pre-shows- one centering around “singularity” and the second one involves a transformation, placing guests “into” the ride somehow with Groot and Rocket.  After both of these rooms, guests will enter the load area, where 2 trains will carry 20 guests each.  The “show” building that holds the actual track of the coaster will be built from scratch at over 12 stories tall and the old Universe of Energy will essentially be used to hold the elaborate queue.  The track itself looks like it will involve many twists and turns and will be more family friendly than thrill seeking with projections from the movie throughout.


Photo: Picture courtesy of WDWNT

Other details about the storyline and opening date for the attraction are still unknown, but we like what we hear so far!

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