Secret Sundays: Leapfrog Fountains are a Must-Do

By: Amy Kawa

There are very few places in Walt Disney World that one would consider “peaceful.”  Well, I would argue that there are actually quite a few, particularly in Epcot.  However, none are more beautiful or downright fun than the leapfrog fountains, which are a part of the Imagination Pavilion in Epcot.

Just behind Journey Into imagination with Figment, just to the left of the entrance to the 22519817_10208724300698913_444815474952006409_o.jpgMagic Eye Theater, and behind the giant waterfall with water that falls up instead if down, you will find an elevated area that includes about 12 pads with water fountains that literally leap from one pad to another.  It is mesmerizing to watch, and if you time it just right, you can even get in on the action.  The water leaps over a couple of different walking paths, which allows you to jump up and catch it, getting quite wet in the process.  There’s also nothing better than seeing the joy on little ones’ faces when they figure out the sequence of the jumping fountains and get splashed by the passing water.

18738582_10207782366311142_6998909896104487403_oIn addition to the traditional leapfrog fountains, there are also tiny fountains in a circle off to the side that pop up in a timed sequence, which are also fun to catch.  Behind the huge fountain that flows up, you will also find fountains that spout water to look like a jellyfish, earning them the animal’s namesake.

Don’t forget to grab your camera because nothing beats a photo in this area, especially if you can time it right as a monorail passes overhead!  We plead with you to save some time to just enjoy this area for the simple pleasures and respite it offers.  Us Dreamers have been known to spend at least 20 minutes enjoying these fountains jumping, catching, and splashing around.


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