Is a Cash-less Walt Disney World on the Horizon?

By: Amy Kawa

In a limited, pilot test program, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Jambo House will not accept cash starting February 12, 2018.  The only accepted forms of payment include MagicBands, credit cards, debit cards, Disney Gift Cards, Disney Rewards Redemption Cards, and electronic payments methods such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.  Guests with dining reservations or those simply staying at the resort are being notified of the change to make necessary arrangements for their stay.

If guests have cash on-hand, they can go to the front desk and add cash to their room charging capabilities, and cash can also be used for tipping resort staff.

Dreamer Amy’s Take: I think most people could see this one coming.  MagicBands have made it so cash has essentially become obsolete while on Disney property anyways. Most guests won’t be affected at all, as most just use their MagicBand to charge their purchases to their room, which has your credit card linked to it. It would seem that those most affected would be locals who may be visiting a resort for a meal and would just have cash on them, as they don’t necessarily have MagicBands, but those types of guests would be few and far between.

I will be more interested to see if this pilot program expands into the theme parks. If and when this transition happens, I would imagine more guests may take issue, as those guests staying off property or one-day guests may have only brought cash or do not have credit cards linked to their MagicBands/tickets, as hey didn’t go through this process upon check-in at a Disney resort.  Disney will then have to somehow make all guests aware that cash is no longer an acceptable form of payment, and they have to have credit/debit/gift cards with them.

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