Movie Trailer Roundup: Get Your First-Looks at Disney’s Mary Poppins and Christopher Robin

By: Amy Kawa

This week has been like Christmas for Disney movie fans.  During the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday, we were treated to the first teaser trailer for Disney’s new spin on Mary Poppins.  Jane and Michael Banks are adults in this version, and it looks like Mary Poppins is once again called upon to save the Banks Family.  Look for this film to hit theaters Christmas Day 2018.

Dreamer Amy’s take: THIS LOOKS AMAZING!  As any true Disney fan would, I certainly had my doubts.  Why touch the perfection that is Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins?  It is clear that Emily Blunt is honoring the iconic character while also putting her own modern twist on the character.  If this movie has half of the heart and charm of its predecessor, audiences are in for a real treat.  From just this minute-and-a-half trailer, it really does look like the filmmakers have mixed the perfect bit of homage to the original with a new innovation.

The second teaser trailer released this week, takes audiences back to the Hundred Acre Wood to visit everyone’s favorite silly old bear.  In Christopher Robin, the film’s namesake is all grown up, married with children, and his job seems to have sucked all the boyhood joy from his life.  Leave it to Winnie the Pooh to remind Christopher Robin where he came from.  Look for this film to hit theaters this fall.

Dreamer Amy’s take: I knew (and still know) very little about this movie, but give me Ewan McGregor, Winnie the Pooh, and hfehsfuhgi abguehg iegwebgihgi eg (that’s my level of excitement) HAYLEY ATWELL aka Peggy Carter, and I am ALL IN!  It also seems like an incredible concept, and audiences are sure to tear up when you visit some old friends who Disney fans haven’t heard from in awhile: Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, Piglet, and Pooh too.

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