The Odyssey Takes Over for Wonders of Life as Epcot Multi-Purpose Space

By: Amy Kawa

A few weeks ago, workers were seen replacing roofing on the Wonders of Life dome.  The Wonders of Life pavilion, once home to Body Wars, Cranium Command, and other exhibits centered around the human body, has been the Festival Center for Epcot’s various festivals, including Food and Wine and Flower and Garden, for the better part of the past decade.  However, with the announcement of the Future World overhaul to come in the next few years, the Wonders of Life pavilion seems like it will be the first thing to be refurbished or overhauled completely, as it has been shut down.

With Wonders of Life out of commission, a new place is needed as “the hub” for Epcot’s festivals, and it seems like Disney is turning to its former restaurant and now catchall place, the Odyssey to pick up the slack.  Imagineers are currently refurbishing the space to get it ready to be the Festival Center for the rest of this year’s Flower and Garden Festival and subsequent festivals.

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