Digital Key Coming to Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

By: Amy Kawa

Disney will begin rolling out a Digital Key feature within the My Disney Experience app over the next couple of months, beginning with rooms at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

In addition to regular resort rooms, guests can also use their digital key to unlock the hotel entrance gate and common area doors requiring a key, which may include pools, fitness centers, elevators and club level lounges.  For guests that have setup online check-in, they can use the Digital Key to head straight to their rooms, able to bypass the front desk upon check in to set up your MagicBands.

To use the Digital Key, guests will have to opt in on the My Disney Experience app and follow a few quick prompts, as shown in this video:


The MagicBand will still be able to be utilized as your room key as it is used currently as well.

Dreamer Amy’s Take: Aside from accompanying online check-in guests to skip the front desk and start their trip even faster, I really don’t get this.  I know other non-Disney resorts and chains have this capability, but they also don’t have MagicBands.  MagicBands have the ability to be your room key, credit card, park ticket, and more!  Why add this feature, where you have to take out your phone, open the app, and scan your phone to the door, when your MagicBand (aka your key!) is already on your wrist?

I would assume this means that MagicBands will be possibly phased out as well down the road, and your phone (with Apple Pay, etc.) will then become your method of payment, park ticket, etc., but that opens up a whole other can of worms we can discuss if and when that happens.

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