Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurants Begin Serving Alcohol

By: Amy Kawa

Formerly a completely dry park, Magic Kingdom introduced alcohol to the park with Be Our Guest dinner service in 2012.  In 2016, four other Magic Kingdom restaurants followed suit and in 2018, two other major Magic Kingdom table service restaurants have joined the club, as the Plaza Restaurant and Crystal Palace began serving beer, wine, cocktails, and hard ciders on their menus.

Dreamer Amy’s Take:

I should preface this with the simple fact that I don’t drink.  I have never had a sip of alcohol and never will.  I have nothing against it or people who do drink; it’s just not for me.  With that being said, I am all for people drinking around World Showcase in Epcot.  I love walking into the Tune-In Lounge in Hollywood Studios.  Part of the amazing ambience of the African streets of Harambe in Animal Kingdom are the walk-up bars that line the streets.

Alcohol absolutely has its place in Disney parks, but to make it so readily available in the Magic Kingdom – a place that is supposed to truly bring out the inner child in all of us- does bother me a bit.  I like that it is currently being limited to table service restaurants, which should still allow Disney to limit its consumption so that some hammered 20-somethings don’t ruin a little girl’s first time on Dumbo.  World Showcase can get rowdy, but there aren’t many kids in that part of the park, so it’s not a huge issue. Let’s not let it become one in the happiest place on earth.


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