Digital Key Live at All Disney Resort Hotels

By: Amy Kawa

Digital Key, a new feature to the My Disney Experience app, has been rolling out in stages since April to Disney Resort hotels.  With the addition of the trio of All-Star resorts, guests can now use their smartphone at the My Disney Experience app to unlock their rooms if so desired.  A simple swipe of your MagicBand still works to get into your room as well.

Dreamer Amy’s Take: I get this is a play to keep up with the hotel competition, as many major hotels have added some form of the Digital Key to their offerings.  However, I really don’t get this one.  Disney has invested so much time and money into MagicBands and My Disney Experience, why add more money and time into this seemingly useless technology?  Guests can use their MagicBands for everything – park ticket, room key, credit card – why worry about getting your phone out, launching the app, finding the Digital Key feature, and then actually using it.  Whereas a simple swipe of the wrist gets you into your room even faster.

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